About Us

WCCI stands for The William Craig Company, Inc. Our company was founded by appraiser William Craig Kogelschatz, a 35-year veteran of the appraisal industry. Our exceptional customer service comes from years of experience perfecting the entire real estate appraisal process. We are large enough to offer full coverage but still small enough to enjoy building a rapport with each lender we work with.

WCCI is one of the only appraisal management firms that is 100 percent appraiser owned. We consistently maintain compliance in the ever-changing world of appraisal regulations, and have been offering nationwide appraisal management services for the past seven years, and West Coast appraisal services for about 20. We offer the same integrity and quality now that we´ve been offering since the early ´90s.

In today’s constantly changing mortgage market WCCI remains an optimal solution for lenders who want to rid themselves of the burden of appraisal compliance. Your loan officers and underwriters have enough to worry about, let WCCI take care of the rest.

Today WCCI has grown to a network of over 6,000 appraisers. We consistently monitor and record the quality, professionalism, and responsiveness of each appraisal assignment to ensure that only the most qualified appraisers are performing WCCI appraisals.